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Friday, October 23, 2009

the widows cry

the increase in death of young men in nigeria is becoming very disturbing young women now adays are left to be widows widowhood isnt funny in nigeria as our people make it so i'm a living example when ma dad died i was 16 very naive didnt undrstand much wat was happening -must wives always take the blame for the death of their husbands ma mum was kept in d middle of a circle constituted by ma dads pple-shockingly women like her n she was humiliated oda stufs wud hav happend if nt 4 the intervention of God stufs like shaving d hair off drinkin of ma d water used 2 wash his corpse aquiring his estates n more why must women who hav done nothing wrong bt added values 2 all of us suffer n we sit down n look pple who used 2 b friend in quote who should have been rocks 4 which they should hav leand on are nw d friend who dispise them dnt return their cals we leave our own 2 suffer life is about impact touch a widow today share ur experiences views suggestions today d journey of a thousand miles begins wit 1 step d step of reformation n its starts wit u ur experiences might b d 1 dat will bring abt d change we want

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