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Thursday, September 23, 2010

is Marriage Compulsory?

what is marriage?. Dictionary definition states that marriage is the union of a man and a woman. the bible said we should "go into the world and multiply", the bible went further in emphasizing that there shouldnt be any barren in his house, paul in his words in the new testament made his perception about marriage: "not compulsory!!", he made us understand the fact that if you can hold yourself its not neccesary, he also made his point clear that marriage is the only license to sex, the bible also describes sex in two instances which are sex as REPRODUCTION and sex as PLEASURE, which is the sin, adam and eve were not married, cain after barnishment from God also had a family in another land, marriage wasnt stressed, and infact who were the people cain went to meet, that nullifies the fact that adam and eve where the first humans existing, so back to the question:

1. what is marriage?
2. is marriage compulsory?
3. when is the right age for marriage?
4. how should a marriage be conducted?
5. what do you do, if you dont believe in the institution of marriage but also want sex?
6. is there a mr.right or a perfect lady out there?

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